How can I know if I’m addicted to something?

It’s simple. If you’re addicted, say to a drug, you will long for it all the time. It’s like developing a habit. Doing the same thing every day for a long time develops into a habit. The same applies to addiction.


I smoke twice a day, am I addicted to smoking?

If you’re doing it for a long time, say for a year or two, then yes, you’re addicted. It doesn’t matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, as long as you’re smoking every day, it’s an addiction.


How can I get rid of my addiction to a drug?

Not letting your mind think about the thing you’re addicted to is one of the ways to get rid of addiction. However, that requires a considerable amount of willpower and courage. It’s you who can help yourself leave something and vice-versa. Make a promise to yourself and stick to it. That’s the only way.